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An eductor , mixing eductor , mixing tank eductor is a pump that uses a fluid to perform the work of pumping another fluid (or solid). The fluid doing the work is termed the motive fluid, and the fluid being pumped is the suction fluid. The motive fluid employed can be liquid. gas or steam. The suction fluid can be liquid. gas or steam. Other names for mixing eductors include jet pumps. ejectors. venturi pumps, siphon pumps, sleam siphons. and injector pumps. Eductors , mixing eductors operate on basic principles of flow dynamics.

What makes the Jacoby-Tarbox (JRG/JT) Eductors superior is the way advanced computer modeling has been used to maximize efficiency. This same computer modeling allows eductors.org to simulate your process needs and recommend the correct product every time mixing eductor...


eductor , eductors , mixing eductor , mixing tank eductors

Eductors has been developed to provide best performance in specific conditions.
Eductors enables you to obtain best results for spraying applications.
Eductors is time saving and quality improving for your surface treatment applications.
Eductors have fittings in different types and dimensions.
Eductors are designed in various types to help you for your different applications.
For this reason they can be installed easily.


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